What’s often mistakenly called “photoshopping” is actually what editors & photographers refer to as retouching. Along with fixing exposure or changing color temperature, this is a crucial step in editing that helps complete an image. Sometimes, people over-edit until their subjects no longer look human. Unless you’re doing an extraterrestrial shoot, you’ve gone too far.   A caveat I should mention is that in certain genres *cough* editorial fashion *cough* it is still expected for an image to be over-edited. While I’m never a fan of this air-brushed “perfection” you may have to follow through with it if you work for a magazine or even on ADs that will be in one.   While I wouldn’t refer to these as rules, they are still guidelines that I notice several excellent photographers abide by. You can do what you want with your work of course, but if you are curious about how I retouch, here are some practices I recommend to use and others to avoid.   This is step 4 for me in my editing workflow, if you’d like to know how the rest of my process goes, check out this post.   DO   remove distracting flyaway hairs […]
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