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LAUMA ITZPAPALOTL This series is based on different mystical beings from around the world.
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Bionic Beauty Candid Creature The Rebel This is an ongoing self-portrait series inspired by different types of characters I constantly see in sci fi & fantasy (my favorite genres of film/TV.) Typically, these characters are the same: conventionally beautiful white women. I want to challenge that notion by using myself (the opposite of that “type”) to show that anyone can represent these characters. Save Save Save
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This is an ongoing project involving many of my friends & their partners (who all happened to have dogs!) I want to show the familial love people have for their furry pets and also the love they have for each other. Save
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Trinity Angel of Light Specter This series is a way to take various Christian religious themes and add specific techniques to enhance each concept. Save
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Fall Colors Sister Light, Sister Dark Fem Floral Bubbly & Blue This series began as a desire to have a shoot each season. I collaborated with fellow artists & found more inspiration along the way. Save Save Save Save Save
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