It’s easy to fall into the thought that 1 of something is “limiting” or “not enough” when that simply isn’t the case. You can achieve many different looks with only 1 light and possibly the addition of a reflector. Here are 5 setups to give you some ideas for your own shoots.   Sunlight is one major light source, but I won’t be talking about it today. Check out this post to learn more about the different ways to use natural light.   The type of light I’ll be using is a small LED on a light stand. You may try these techniques with other artificial light sources as well. Check out my softbox & flash posts for even more tips.   Center Front The most basic and probably instinctual way to light a subject. Place your light right in the center of your subject, typically above your camera. This produces an even light and diminishes all shadows on their face. Side Front The most common way to light a subject (even in multiple lighting setups.) Place your light slightly above your subject to mimic our natural view. Side This can provide very dramatic results. Because only one side […]
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