As my biased title reveals, I truly enjoy this lens. Unlike the nifty fifty, the praise surrounding the 85mm 1.8 is well deserved in my opinion.   PROS – Very flattering for portraiture – The quality is excellent on both cropped sensor & full frame – Affordable   CONS – Chromatic aberration – Focus is occasionally slow – Heavy   The 85mm has been deemed THE portrait lens. And for good reason. This focal length is not so close that you make your subject uncomfortable, but far enough away to still hold a conversation & create flattering compression. I’ve used this on my cropped sensor for years (made the focal length around 128 which was bokeh-licious) and on my full frame this past year. I love that it consistently performs well in various situations.   The biggest disadvantage to this lens is the chromatic aberration when shooting out on bright days. Purple fringing is unavoidable and must be fixed in post. Sometimes it takes a while to get the auto focus just right and this is a weighty lens due to all that glass.   Currently this is my favorite lens & I definitely recommend picking it up because the […]
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