Oh boy. This topic surely is one for discussion. Obviously both a lens and a camera body need to be joined for a DSLR to operate, but the question many photographers have when starting out is “which should I invest more in?” Here I want to share my experiences from working with both Canon Rebels & a Full Frame as well as a variety of lenses.   Camera Bodies Cropped sensor Rebel T3 I actually started out with the T3 but I grew tired of not being able to see myself for recording vlogs. I didn’t take many photos with the T3, but I found a definite increase in quality compared to my previous Powershoot.   Cropped sensor Rebel T3i I sold the T3 & upgraded to the T3i and really delved into photography more. I found that this camera really helped me become better, and felt no shame at it being a comparatively ‘beginner’ body compared to others, because I was still able to produce images I was proud of. After many years of use, I was starting to crave an upgrade, so I began saving and set my eyes on a full frame body that would aid […]
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