As with any company or organization, it is important to have a distinct look & feel that sets you a part from the competition.   A big misconception people make is assuming a nice looking logo is all it takes to improve their brand. Though it does help if it relates to your business or service, it’s much more important to have an overall vision you want to achieve with a list of components that help achieve that vision.   I won’t go over how to design an identity or set up a website, but instead provide ideas for different parts of the branding process. If you are currently starting or redefining a business, try thinking about the things I’ve listed below.   Questions to ask before starting a business or service: What do I want to accomplish with this brand? Who is my ideal audience? Is this going to be something I can do myself or will I need to eventually hire a team?   Questions to ask while redesigning a business or service: Why are we doing a redesign? Would a new look & message better communicate our vision? Does my current team fit with the new […]
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