As each year goes on, many of us in technology based fields see changes in how to market ourselves. One ever constant that has stood the test of time–and will arguably transcend into the future in one way or another—is the business card. This simple 2.5in x 3in card can really say a lot about the person passing it out. Good or bad. So it is important to put the same hard work into this marketing collateral as with your others.   Here are a few different ways photographers can really leave an impression with their business cards.   Shape A definite way to stand out in this category would be to pick an unconventional shape like a square or circle. There are mixed feelings about this choice in more business environments, but for creative fields, I see nothing wrong with making your card a different shape (as long as you have a valid reason for doing so.)   Information Since there is such little real estate to work with, you must be concise with what you share. You definitely need your name, name of business (if different), possibly your title, your logo, and contact information. Don’t make your […]
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