So one thing I’ve learned over the past years of traveling is that I often don’t use (or need) as much as I think I do. When I first began traveling I would always bring 3 lenses with my t3i: my wide 10-18mm my medium 18-55mm & my long 55-250mm. This allowed me to cover a vast area and there were no duplicates among the choices. But after a while with my upgrades to prime lenses and eventually upgrade in camera body, I found that I didn’t really need to bring a bunch of variety.   Unless I was specifically out with the mission to shoot (like a lot of my NY trip was) I typically was fine with just one lens. That one was usually the 40mm or 50mm, because of their normal field of view. Though I enjoyed their small size & convenience, I did find it limiting at times when I couldn’t adjust myself to allow for more or less of the scene.   So finally, after about 8 months of using primes only, I finally acquired a zoom lens to use on my 5dmarkIV! I was looking at older models to save a little bit, […]
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