Woop here it is. If you’re looking for a 50mm lens that delivers and doesn’t cost an arm, leg, & a spleen, the Canon 50mm 1.4 is it. I decided on a whim to get this a few months after getting the nifty fifty. My excuse was this could be on my 5d mark IV and the nifty could be on my T3i. Looking back, I should have definitely bought this instead of the nifty, because the quality is noticeable for not much of a price difference.   Pros – Great in low light – Compact – Nice image quality   Cons – Sometimes hard to focus – Is extra if you already have the nifty fifty   That extra stop really does help if you find yourself with less light. Its size isn’t much bigger than the nifty, so I usually keep this on my camera body for convenience. And as mentioned earlier, the image quality is excellent for the price (noticeably from the nifty too.)   Depending on if the subject is low contrast or not, this lens occasionally has a hard time keeping focus. Because this is only 1 stop different and 3 times the price, […]
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