There’s a big misconception about artists. The thought is that we’re an antisocial bunch clamoring over the competition just to make the next buck. While that may be true of some people, it isn’t the case for us all. Even introverts like me enjoy working with others who are inspiring and offer a positive experience. Whether they are friends, acquaintances, or even strangers, collaborating on various projects has many benefits.   When I say “collaborating” I mean all parties put forth their skills to achieve an end result. If you want to know the positives of just being around other artists, read this post.   Experience Much like volunteering or an internship, collaborating allows you to work with other types of people in this very social field. If you’re aiming for the more commercial/editorial side, you’ll get to see makeup artists, hair stylists, & models. If your niche is more environmental, you’ll meet realtors, architects, and interior designers. Even landscape photographers can get the chance to meet interesting people who may own that land or fellow travelers.   Networking You shouldn’t go into this only trying to take what you can from people. They will be turned off by […]
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