If you’re a portrait photographer, chances are you’ve come across all different types of people. And though someone may have hired you to capture their image, unless they are a model/actor/musician/or other professional performer, they’ll probably be a little (if not a great deal) shy once you point that lens at them. All is not lost though, here are a few ways to ease their anxiety and make some great photos.   1) Get to know them. If this happens to be a friend, great, you’re already halfway there. Ask them about their recent trip, their pet, their job, anything they really enjoy. If this is someone you’ve just met, do the same thing. Try and find out what they are passionate about, what really gets them riled up. Building rapport isn’t too difficult after a bit of practice. Once you find a similar interest, share some tidbits about yourself. Often times if a photographer doesn’t speak, they seem on a different level or even less human than the subject. Break the silence. Show them you are a person behind the camera as well.   2) Be authentic, yet eloquent. There’s a difference between being polite and being fake. If […]
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