As we advance further with technology and approach a mainly virtual world, the notion that ‘print is dead’ has grown a great deal. And though many aspects of our lives are more convenient in a digital format, there are still advantages to having print incorporated one way or another. Here are some pros & cons to each format in regards to photographs.   Print Pros: Archival Can be displayed on a wall for other people to see Can be shared in books, magazines, & cards Can be made quite large (depending on resolution/megapixels), so every detail can be seen   Cons: Can be subject to wear & tear if handled frequently Can be damaged by fire, flooding, & all other natural disasters Uses ink & paper (will eventually be thrown away)   Digital Pros: Convenient Uses light to be seen, no physical products (better for the environment) Can be posted online for potentially the world to see Can be sent quickly in email or messages to others   Cons: Can be lost, deleted, or corrupted Relies on internet connection or data plan in order to be posted/sent Needs electricity or battery power on the device to be displayed   […]
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