I’ve written about travel photography, street photography, & lifestyle photography, but this post will be a little different. I’m still going to use the tips mentioned in those posts, but I wanted to have a specific assignment or prompt that my images had to address. For this go-round, I decided to pick my favorite color: red. Any & everything with that color was fair game, so my goal was to capture a variety of images.   I was fortunate to be on vacation so I had even more reason to get out and explore. This prompt really challenged me to delve deeper into what I saw and find interesting shots vs typical touristy shots.   Here are my favorite photos.     A prompt can be anything you want–like people walking dogs, or sports cars—so really it’s up to you on how focused or generalized you want it to be. I hope you also try and give yourself an assignment challenge, whether on a trip or even in your own town.   May the light be with you.           Follow
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