As a person with a nice amount of melanin, I have noticed many an image of pale skin from my peers. It’s an unfortunate result of living in a majorly white society, but it is no excuse for comments like, “dark skin is so hard to expose for!”   Inaccurate.   If anything, on a very bright day, a white subject wearing dark clothing is harder to expose for vs a black subject wearing light clothing in the same conditions. High contrast will have its challenges regardless of the model’s ethnicity, but I am sick of photographers perpetuating this negative view on minorities.   So instead of blaming a person’s skin color, why not try and learn how to change your settings on your camera? If you can’t adapt to different types of people, you still have a lot to learn. See my pseudo photographer post here.   The majority of my posts are meant to help in a general sense, but I will not hesitate to point out specific wrongs I’ve seen other photographers do. If you also hear these destructive comments being said, feel free to educate those individuals as well.   Alright, rant complete.   I’m […]
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