Flash* seems to be the most difficult & most avoided type of lighting for beginners. Though I am not an expert in regards to this type of lighting, I have learned some ways to use it to my advantage over the years. I hope I can help ease any worries and reveal that it’s actually not scary at all and a very useful tool to use. So let’s look at some pros & cons of using flash and then specific tips.   *Note I am referring to external flashes, not the popup flash on many cameras.   PROS   Affordable I’ve seen flash heads for as low as $20 on Amazon, so depending on your budget, you’re more than likely to find one to pick up.   Portable Since they run on battery, you won’t have any cords or bulbs to worry about. Just bring extra batteries just in case and you’re set! Because they’re so small, they fit easily in camera bags and can be set up fairly quickly at the shoot.   Versatile You can attach them to your camera body (pointing the light up or sideways), you can put them on light stands and spread them […]
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