Richard Avedon Even non-photographers know him. His classic work helped inspire me in my other passion; fashion.   Vivian Maier The fact that she had her passion aside from her profession is really interesting. I bet because she didn’t have the pressure of others critiquing her work, she felt even more freedom when shooting.   Philippe Halsman He was able to capture not only classical headshots of celebrities, he planned fun, surrealist shoots as well.   Claude Cahun She identified as what we would call “gender neutral/fluid” today, and helped stir the pot in terms of gender norms. I love that she used her work to show the world who she was, despite living in a rigid society.   Edward S. Curtis His niche was in the amazing culture of Native Americans & was able to shoot them in a time where they were still a marginalized group in the country.   May the light be with you.           Follow
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