Alright you foodies, this one’s for you. It seems that ever since cellphone cameras’ quality improved, people have enjoyed taking snapshots of their meals. Whether you’re trying out something new & want to remember the presentation or are shooting items for a recipe or for a blog, these tips are for you!   Dish Figuring out what you want to shoot will be the first step. Is it a simple meal? A drink? A fancy dinner selection? Once you decide what you want to make, you (or someone else) will have to prepare the food before shooting.   Technicalities The 4 main things you want to make certain are accurate: lighting, white balance, exposure, & focus.   In this instance, more light is better. If you aren’t able to shoot near a window to allow natural light in, put your camera on a tripod and set a slow shutter speed. Artificial light could always be used, but unless the bulbs are set to “daylight,” white balance could be off due to the color temperature of the bulbs. White balance can be fixed in post however, & should be set to look as close to the scene as possible. Exposure […]
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