Today I would like to address something that has seemingly fallen through the digital cracks of the internet: how to photograph print art work. We live in a majorly digital world, but there are still times when having a printed representation is required. Typically, these times will be interviews, reviews, or for commercial purposes. This is something that is essential to illustrators, graphic designers, & fine artists for their portfolios & if they run an e-commerce store. It is true that people could simply post digital versions, but if they were originally intended for print, photographing them like this will help show the context in which they were made. Another advantage is that the images can be used for both your online website & your physical portfolio book.   I am most experienced with graphic design prints, but I hope these tips can help other types of artists as well. I apologize though for fellow photographers as these may not be applicable to your work, but if you have a friend that asks for your services for their portfolio, then perhaps these 6 considerations can help you.   Have high quality prints. Aside from looking professional, a high quality […]
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