I’ve written on print vs digital (both have pros and cons) but for this post I want to share why it’s still important to have physical printed copies of your images. Call me a traditionalist, but until humans evolve past the confines of corporeal form, they will still dwell in physical buildings with walls & tables just screaming to have art on them. Some of that art should be the photos you’ve made. Here’s why:   Personalization Whether your work is hung all over the house or just in your room, whenever people see it they will know you live there. Our work reveals a great deal about ourselves as artists. Not only does it show our aesthetic, but it also reveals unspoken bits of our personality as well.   Recollection Through the hustle & bustle of life and stresses of adulthood, sometimes we can lose sight of why we chose to pursue this path. We may get in a rut or question our worth as photographers. When your pieces are displayed, you pass by them every day. You can’t help but look at the work you’ve done and remember how exciting that session was. The joy the client […]
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