After 12 months of challenges, we’ve finally reached the end. (Unfortunately I couldn’t post one last month because the model had to reschedule and I didn’t have a backup plan because of how busy I was with work.) This month I’m going to show what I had planned for November. I wanted to really show some of the decay of all the trees around in winter, so I started researching different characters that could portray this. I found Lauma, a Latvian “atmospheric” goddess who is similar to a dryad in that she is usually near trees & nature. This challenge is “have the subject match the background.” I made the branch prop that frames her face, but also allows dimension as it fades into the background of the woods behind her.   In addition I’d like to pick my favorite 3 from the year.   1) Bionic Beauty – This kicked off my Archetype series and is still one of my favorite self-portraits to date. I loved making the moodboard, scouting out my location, setting up my flash, using the wireless capabilities of my camera for the first time, & the overall mood communicated with this. 2) Itzpapalotl – I […]
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