Everyone knows about the blessed golden hour, but its mysterious sibling, twilight hour, is lesser known. This time should more aptly be called “twilight half hour” because it is so brief. Right before the sun rises fully & sets completely, twilight lies. It can add moodiness and intrigue to portraits. Here’s how I utilize it below.   Show up early Just like with golden hour, I recommend you arrive at your location early as to not miss the short time you have.   Pack a fast lens Since it is darker, your camera’s sensor will have less info to work with. Be sure to bring a lens with wide aperture capabilities to counteract this.   Be prepared to brighten As mentioned above, more light is needed during this time. You’ll probably have to shoot with a higher ISO as well as use a tripod to have a slower shutter speed. Once you edit, you may need to lighten things up a bit more as well. This is assuming you don’t want darker images. If you do though, disregard this tip.     Although this light occurs for such a limited time, it is still one of my favorites because […]
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