If I had to pick only 1 way to light my subjects for the rest of my days, it would be natural light. Though artificial lights like flash & softboxes can be useful when continuous control is required, I still find the quality of light provided by the sun to be the most appealing. I’d like to share the different types of natural light as well as a couple pros & cons for each.   Natural light based on location:   Window light (the easiest way to use natural light. Simply place someone beside a window and you’re set) Pro: located in most buildings & easy to access. Con: Can cause a harsh shadow on the opposite side of the subject.     Open Shade (having a person under the shade and facing towards the sun) Pro: Gorgeous shaping of facial features and soft shadows. Con: I honestly can’t think of any!     Closed Shade (when your subject is not only under a shaded area, but also when they are facing away from the sun) Pro: Even light without harsh shadows. Con: Flare is a possibility which may wash out your image.     Backlit (when your subject […]
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