This post is definitely geared towards beginners. When starting myself, I didn’t have a guide showing the different types of lenses available. I basically used that kit lens until I wanted to achieve other results & realized there was more out there. I’ll explain not only various lens types, but also focal lengths and touch on different brands as well.   Categories There are three different categories of lenses photographers’ wind up using: prime, zoom, & specialty. Within those categories, are different types including: wide angle, normal, telephoto, & macro.   Prime Lenses These are the preferred choice for many portrait & lifestyle photographers. They come in a variety of focal lengths, apertures, & price ranges.   Recommendations: 24-28mm – helpful when shooting interiors and can also show wide sweeping landscapes. 35-40mm – great for showing environmental portraits as well as interiors. 50mm – the holy grail of a walk-around lens. Excellent for most street, lifestyle, event, portrait, landscape, product work, etc. 85mm – the popular choice for portraits. 135mm – excellent at capturing close ups & makes the most dreamy portraits. 200-300mm – typically sports, other big events, or nature.   Zoom Lenses Typically not as fast as prime […]
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