There’s nothing quite like seeing an aesthetically pleasing outfit for me. The majority of my style inspiration comes from the countless people that post their looks online. Here I’ll narrow them down to my 5 favs.   Pinterest This was beyond obvious right? Not only am I able to search for specific looks, I can also quickly save them to my style board for later reference. This is my fav site of all time and I spend (probably) too much time here.   Style Bee Not only do I love Lee’s images, I also love her style as well as her blogging voice. I really like seeing what she does with her 10×10 challenges & how she styles one piece multiple ways.   Death-by-elocution This is a tumblr that has an endless supply of minimal fashion goodies. I particularly appreciate the consistency of the photos.  They all feature a faceless person rocking a few key pieces in some tried and true poses.   Tarmarz I found Tara through youtube years back & love the way she (and her photographer friends) capture her looks with the environment.   Un-fancy Caroline is definitely known by many thanks to her capsules she started […]
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