In this fast paced world we live in, it’s always smart to have a plan ahead of time when you’re preparing for a shoot. In part 1, I’ll talk about what I do before shooting a client’s headshots.   Typically, someone has reached out asking me to take some shots for them. Whether it’s for their acting website, model portfolio, or professional profile images online, I follow the same process.   Date/Time Figuring out a date in which to actually go out and take the images may be the hardest part. With different schedules, I try and pick a day I have off and at a time later in the day (after they’re done with work or class.) I make sure to allow myself at least an hour as we may move to a couple locations during the shoot.   Location I pick a place we both have been to before & that is relatively close to where they’re coming from. In this case, I’d rather keep things easier for them so that they may focus on getting their headshot done.   Attire If a client ever wonders what to wear, I suggest picking their 3 favorite tops that […]
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