Most fields require a flawless cover letter & resume to be considered for a position. That is also important in creative fields; however, the portfolio is paramount. Claiming to be a photographer & having no work to back up that claim doesn’t exactly look promising to potential clients. In our visual field, having a collection of carefully curated work will help tell the world what your message is. Here are some tips to help you put your best self out there.   medium I recommend having 3 different mediums: a website, a print book, & a digital PDF.   Your website is a given and will be there for potentially anyone with internet access can view. This is the easiest to update.   A print book is still very important to have (even in our digital world.) Quality is really shown in larger format prints. Bring this to interviews, reviews, and possibly workshops & always ask for feedback.   A PDF is like a combination of your site & book in that it is in a digital form (easy to email but has the possibility to be printed) & only contains what you want to show potential hiring managers. […]
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