Though countless creatives focus on the passion they feel for what they do, many still need to pay attention to the business side of things. After you make your contract, but before you send out a packet, set your prices so that any potential clients will know what to expect when hiring you.   Research your field If you are completely clueless on what to charge, you’ll need to begin with some research. You can do a generic google search for “what should a _______ charge” or you can look up local businesses that happen to provide the same/similar service as you do. Sometimes, prices aren’t explicitly listed, so you may need to ask around your circle if they know of anyone who has worked with a given business. Compare the prices you find with the services they provide. You shouldn’t copy and paste someone else’s pricing structure, but you can compile many prices and come up with an average.   Determine time invested in your craft This may seem like a daunting task, especially if you’re a beginner, but it really is what will help guide your business. Look back on the last few shoots you did. How […]
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