Like when seeking out any sort of physical object to buy, I began looking for reviews and comparisons. Of all the reviews I read, the top two that came out were ProDPI & WHCC. I think while looking at particular print examples, I went with ProDPI for the color, quality, & price.   When using this lab, you have to set up an account (it’s free) and download their uploading software. It does seem to be an extra step, but they probably have it that way to keep track of orders easier and not have giant files directly on their site.   The images should be the exact size you want them to print, 300dpi as expected, but surprisingly in RGB color mode. I had them in CMYK but had to switch them when they weren’t “recognized” by the uploader. I find it a little strange that they want RGB color since every other time I’ve dealt with print it’s been in CMYK, but a friend told me many newer, high-end printers are able to recognize and reproduce RGB even better. This brings us to the most important aspect of all: image quality.   I Was. Blown. Away.   […]
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