Types: 1) Standard (with seamless white background) This is great for selling or providing space to write different descriptions on parts of the product. Some tips: instead of trying to get the whitest of white backgrounds in camera, just knock it out in post. It’s so much quicker & more consistent removing the background when you edit it. Also, because the product is taking center stage, it needs to look pristine. Retouch any lint, fuzz, or imperfections. 2) Flat on an interesting background This provides a more lifestyle approach to the product. The background can vary, but it should always match your branding. Sticking with 1-3 that you can change out depending on the color of the product will be the simplest way to have variety. 3) Being worn/used This is my personal favorite way to see a product, especially clothes & accessories. Use yourself, or find models to really show the item in action. It helps prospective customers to have context to where the product will be used. It will also make them more likely to buy. I hope these three tips on displaying your products help!   May the light be with you.           […]
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