For this month I picked ‘use a location to wow’ which is exactly what happened when I edited the final picks. This is the start of a new series I’m working on, so stay tuned for more!   Details about this shoot: Location – skywalk Lighting – triggered flash on a light stand Setup – camera on tripod, wireless connection to phone for preview/trigger   For this particular sci fi inspired character, I wanted it to seem as though I was in a spaceship & knew that using a skywalk a night would do the trick. (In case anyone doesn’t know, a skywalk is a tubular walkway put in between buildings to protect people from the weather.) Because it was night though, I knew I’d need flash to help light myself as well as the background. I put my flash on a light stand and positioned it directly behind my camera. I used the remote trigger that came with the set, so I could fire the flash at the exact moment my camera shutter opened. It took a few trial runs, but once I had my settings right, I was able to capture some great images. I love the leading […]
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