For this month I combined 3 challenges: silhouette, paint with light, and sparklers. Thanks to all the festivities and great friends, I was able to create some awesome photos. I had the image in my mind after reading about the “Obsidian Butterfly” myth. I was beyond intrigued, and I knew these three combined together would perfectly represent her.  So here are some of those shots!   This was a test shot seeing how the light trails from flashlights could shape the wings. This was another test using typical sparklers. These were “Morning Glorys” which were like giant sparklers that burned different colors. I ultimately went with these and had my friend draw wing-like shapes behind my subject. Once the timer went off, I was able to jump in on the ground in front of her and draw swirls with the flashlights which gave even more oomph to the shot.   This challenge was so fun and surprisingly simple to do. This was my first time trying long exposure with light/sparklers but knew it was always something I wanted to do. I tested a few beforehand to make sure I had the right shutter speed and aperture, so that prep really […]
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