This month I decided to combine two challenges from Lindsay’s book again.   First I chose “1 color” which I knew I would use my favorite color red. I set about grabbing as much red stuff I had to wear (trust me, there’s a bunch) and found that I really wanted to feature my red bowler hat which brings me to the next challenge…   “Recreate a famous Artwork in your own way.”   I don’t know about you, but when I think of Bowler hats & artwork, I instantly think of Rene Magritte.   I always enjoyed his paintings and considering I specialize in thematic portraits, surrealism is straight up my alley. Son of Man was my main inspiration:     My background was red, and along with the red bowler hat, I wore a red blazer and had a floating red apple complete it all.   Let’s just say this challenge was incredibly fun.   So this time, I had the opportunity to play, which is sometimes lost when shooting for other people.   May the light be with you.           Follow
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