As we continue into the double digits of the 2000’s, we can’t deny the ongoing transition to digital media storage. Even though it personally worries me to live in a completely digital world (i.e. not having access to physical storage of files or a backup in case the internet/network/technology fails) I realize it still has its benefits. Here are a few types of cloud storage that you can use with your photography. Most have a baseline tier that is free, but if you think you will need a great deal of space, you will have to purchase a plan that has a bigger storage capacity.   Dedicated website The first option many people think of when they hear “the cloud” is probably one of these sites. From Dropbox to OneDrive, there are many different options to choose from.   iCloud This is specific to Apple devices, and is great if you find yourself working between your iPhone, iPad, and/or Mac consistently.   Google Drive If you already have Gmail and use sheets, docs, or their other Apps, this is a good option that is readily available to use.   Your personal website There is a limit to maximum file […]
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