Depending on your learning style, you may find that you gravitate towards a certain type of medium. Some find written instructions most helpful while others prefer audible means. I’m mostly a visual learner, but I also find that doing the actual thing teaches me the best (kinesthetic.)   While videos are a great way to learn many things, I find it hard to focus on the task at hand due to music, the voiceover, effects, and/or constant pausing if I get stuck. An alternative way to visually teach others is through photos laid out chronologically paired with informative text. This allows people to follow along at their own pace.   Whether it is recipes, crafts, editing, or home repair, you can share how to do any of them with tutorial photography. Here are some tips on how I’d go about doing a given project.   First, determine the project. You should know how to make it pretty well so that explaining the process to others won’t be difficult. You should also actually enjoy making it. That joy will come through in both your writing and in your photos which will get people even more excited to do the project. […]
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