For this week’s lighting tip, I’d like to focus on one of my favorite types: softboxes. There are many affordable kits to start with, and they’re also very easy to use, so they’re great for beginners. Here are a few pros and cons, as well as tips for using them!   Pros: Affordable Can be used for photography & video Provides soft, even lighting   Cons: Bulky Take extra time to set up Relies on electricity or some other comparable power source   Unless you have a team to help you with weatherproof wires and such, I’d stick to using these inside. No need to risk electrocution for any shot!   Because these are larger lighting apparatuses, it would be difficult to hide this behind a subject. These work well for main lights as well as fill lights if distanced further away. For example, if you’re using a window as your main light, you could put a soft box a bit back beside the subject for a very even looking fill.   In regards to video, these are excellent for interviews, vlogs, or documentary style setups that take place in a controlled environment inside. As long as you have access […]
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