Something I’ve always admired about different bloggers I follow is their consistency with making photography a part of their daily life. Not necessarily behind the scenes of a shoot or out on assignment, but a simple portrayal of enjoying lunch with friends or a walk in the park.   So on my yearly trip up north with loved ones, I decided to challenge myself to create a few images that really capture that tradition for me. (And I didn’t even use my phone!) Here are my favorites with thoughts to consider the next time you tackle this particular niche.   1) Put some life in it.   2) Hone in on the details. 3) Try to share a specific mood.   4) Capture humor.   5) Don’t forget the food & drinks.   6) Make some unconventional portraits.   7) Refrain from being a perfectionist.   8) Find an interesting texture.   9) Show an overview of the place.   10) Get in there yourself. May the light be with you.           Follow Save
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