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Hello Dear Reader, thanks you for joining me today!


This post marks the start of my blogging adventure for 2017. I plan to post every Sunday.


No matter what.


I know what you’re thinking…


Gosh Shekinah, sounds like you’re making some cliché New Year resolution that will ultimately fail and make a bigger explosion than the Death Star!


Thanks. Thanks a lot for that load of confidence.


Dramatics aside, you’ll be pleased to know I think I’ve found a way around that sort of painful end. Over the past handful of months, I have made a list of topics I’d like to discuss. All of them relate to photography in one way or another. I have drafts, I have ideas, and best of all I have a plan!


Sometimes it’s hard to stay consistent. On my design site I gave blogging a try. What had happened was I blogged about many different things…then stopped. There was no focus or schedule I upheld. No subject matter was off limits, I did reviews, travel recollections, fashion posts, and lifestyle stories.


I know that my favorite blogs focus on only a small amount of subjects, or make sure those subjects correlate to one another.


I’ve always been impressed by individuals who are able to blog regularly when they also have a full time job (outside in a separate building) and/or familial obligations as well. I was inspired by these people and decided to stop pussyfooting around and just start posting already.


So that’s what’s happening right now. As I write and as you read, I’m letting the ever-expanding internet keep me accountable.


So here it goes world. See you in seven days.


May the light be with you.







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