This is one area where even non-photographers can’t help themselves from taking at least a few photos. Whether a quick snap with a phone or a patiently planned out camera shot, travel photography is an essential part of keeping those memories intact. Here are a few tips on making your next trip a beneficial documentary experience!   Gear First and foremost, you should know what you’re going to bring. Depending on how long your trip is, if it’s for business or leisure, if you’re a hobbyist or professional, or if you’ll be in an area where you can bring out specific gear, you’ll need to decide how much you think you’ll use & how much you’re willing to carry around with you all day.   If you’re only using your phone, this will be easy as you can fit that in a pocket or purse. Though, I recommend bringing along those clip-on lenses just so you have a bit more flexibility. They are quite affordable as well as small and can be fun to use.   If you’re going compact or mirrorless you’re also going to fortunately have a smaller pack. This would be my most recommended route just […]
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