In this fast paced world we live in, it’s always smart to have a plan ahead of time when you’re preparing for a shoot. In part 2, I’ll talk about what I do before shooting a conceptual photoshoot.   The “Vision” Much like Raven Symone seeing fragmented bits of the future, I too get “visions” of my conceptual shoots. I see something in my mind and know I have to recreate it.   Research I go on a pinning storm, looking up techniques, wardrobe, makeup, location, & props for this shoot. I not only make a moodboard on Pinterest, but I also have a document with all the details laid out for reference as well.   Scouting If I’m able, I check out the location I have in mind beforehand and do a few test shots. If not, I ask around to see if anyone has any tips regarding this area.   Casting I’m fortunate in that I have a great deal of amazing friends who don’t mind helping me out with shoots. It could be I’m biased because I know them or am able to see the beauty within after getting to know them, but they are all […]
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