How I prepare for a shoot pt 2 (conceptual)

Shekinah Shazaam Photography · November 05, 2017 · Blogging, General · 0 comments


In this fast paced world we live in, it’s always smart to have a plan ahead of time when you’re preparing for a shoot. In part 2, I’ll talk about what I do before shooting a conceptual photoshoot.


The “Vision”

Much like Raven Symone seeing fragmented bits of the future, I too get “visions” of my conceptual shoots. I see something in my mind and know I have to recreate it.



I go on a pinning storm, looking up techniques, wardrobe, makeup, location, & props for this shoot. I not only make a moodboard on Pinterest, but I also have a document with all the details laid out for reference as well.



If I’m able, I check out the location I have in mind beforehand and do a few test shots. If not, I ask around to see if anyone has any tips regarding this area.



I’m fortunate in that I have a great deal of amazing friends who don’t mind helping me out with shoots. It could be I’m biased because I know them or am able to see the beauty within after getting to know them, but they are all gorgeous! I reach out to the person that would be perfect for the character I want to make & go from there.



Sometimes I don’t get the chance to do shoots I’ve had on my mind for months (even years) so there isn’t much pressure here to set a date unless I have a deadline for a monthly challenge. If a deadline is the case, I will usually plan a couple months in advance just so my subject does have this shoot on their radar.



Since photography is storytelling, everything before this was the rising action & now we’ve arrived at the climax. This is what truly brings me the most joy in this world. I love being able to collaborate with another creative individual and make my vision a reality.



Almost as much fun as shooting, here I get to experiment with color temperature, mood, and refine my image even further.



Depending on if this was for a blog challenge or just a part of my (many) ongoing series, I will have different images posted in different places. My ultimate favorite goes in my portfolio (online & print.)


Taking & editing portraits is always fun, but when the planning is enjoyable too, you know you are doing what you love. Try making an agenda ahead of time for your next session!


May the light be with you.







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