Choosing a favorite of any type is always so difficult. Honestly, I have even more books I could talk about, but thought it’d be best to keep it brief with 5 different types. I have listed these from top to bottom as seen in the featured image.   Read this if you want to take great photographs of people by Henry Carroll This is my most recent addition and is a quick read. It features advice from various photographers about how to improve your portrait photography. I found it quite interesting to see different thoughts and techniques applied to my particular niche.   The Body: Photographs of the Human Form by William A. Ewing Chock full of images, this book will surely feed the mind of those who find the human body intriguing. It has a mix of men & women, fine art nudes, & portraits as well.   Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton You’ve more than likely heard of this ongoing project on social media by photographer Brandon Stanton. Well this is a collection of his street shots paired with quotes from those subjects. It’s incredibly inspiring to see how diverse people are and I also […]
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