My Favorite Photography Books

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Choosing a favorite of any type is always so difficult. Honestly, I have even more books I could talk about, but thought it’d be best to keep it brief with 5 different types. I have listed these from top to bottom as seen in the featured image.


Read this if you want to take great photographs of people

by Henry Carroll

This is my most recent addition and is a quick read. It features advice from various photographers about how to improve your portrait photography. I found it quite interesting to see different thoughts and techniques applied to my particular niche.


The Body: Photographs of the Human Form

by William A. Ewing

Chock full of images, this book will surely feed the mind of those who find the human body intriguing. It has a mix of men & women, fine art nudes, & portraits as well.


Humans of New York

by Brandon Stanton

You’ve more than likely heard of this ongoing project on social media by photographer Brandon Stanton. Well this is a collection of his street shots paired with quotes from those subjects. It’s incredibly inspiring to see how diverse people are and I also love seeing the variety of outfits they express themselves with.


The Photography Book

by Editors of Phaidon Press

This is more of an educational read and includes a huge amount of works from all different genres of photography. If you’re one to “know the names”, you could easily flip through its alphabetical set up.


Appearances: Fashion Photography since 1945

by Martin Harrison

Though I’m not a big fan of history in other areas, when it comes to fashion I’m all on it. Flip through this for throw backs to some of the most iconic designs of the past century. You can really see how “trends” are continuously recycled but how they are slightly altered with each rendition.


So there are 5 different photo books to check out if you hadn’t already.


May the light be with you.  








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