Next to portraits, fashion (or more accurately style) is my favorite subject matter to shoot. Whether you’re shooting your own outfits or other peoples’ here are some tips!   If you’re shooting yourself you’ll need… A tripod Camera with a self-timer or remote shutter 35mm-50mm lens (avoid wide angle because of distortion & telephotos because you’ll have to stand further away which will make previewing more difficult.) Patience   It would be helpful (though not required) to have a camera that has an articulating screen or a way to connect it to a different screen so you can set up your composition quicker.   Setup Once you’re at the location, set up your tripod facing your background. Many like to shoot in front of a wall because it makes focusing easier. Finding a wall that compliments or matches your outfit is usually recommended too. Turn your camera to portrait orientation & take a few test shots.   Settings In order to get your entire outfit in focus, you’ll need to have a smaller aperture. 5.6-8.0 should be just about right. Due to this however, you will need to have adequate light. Keep your ISO low and make your shutter speed […]
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