Shooting Series: Style

Shekinah Shazaam Photography · October 15, 2017 · Blogging, Photography, Shooting Series · 0 comments

Next to portraits, fashion (or more accurately style) is my favorite subject matter to shoot. Whether you’re shooting your own outfits or other peoples’ here are some tips!


If you’re shooting yourself you’ll need…

A tripod

Camera with a self-timer or remote shutter

35mm-50mm lens (avoid wide angle because of distortion & telephotos because you’ll have to stand further away which will make previewing more difficult.)



It would be helpful (though not required) to have a camera that has an articulating screen or a way to connect it to a different screen so you can set up your composition quicker.



Once you’re at the location, set up your tripod facing your background. Many like to shoot in front of a wall because it makes focusing easier. Finding a wall that compliments or matches your outfit is usually recommended too. Turn your camera to portrait orientation & take a few test shots.



In order to get your entire outfit in focus, you’ll need to have a smaller aperture. 5.6-8.0 should be just about right. Due to this however, you will need to have adequate light. Keep your ISO low and make your shutter speed as long as it needs to be. Because you’re on a tripod, you won’t have to worry about camera shake. (Unfortunately, because I was shooting around sundown & it was beyond windy, a slower shutter speed did not help me avoid blur in some areas.)



As an avid reader of style blogs, I’ve seen many tried and true poses. You don’t have to necessarily follow what you see though. One girl I follow never looks directly at the camera, another is always laughing. It will just be up to your personal preference in how you want to interact with the camera.



Once you’re satisfied with full body shots, move in closer to catch some of that detail. Let an accessory be the focal point. Now you can have a larger aperture since you want to intentionally have the viewer focus on something.



If you are shooting someone else you’ll need…

The other person

Multiple looks (might as well kill as many birds as you can)

A nearby location for them to change in


The above tips can be applied here as well. You can also choose to use a telephoto lens here since you’ll be able to compose & preview in real time. If your subject isn’t sure what to do, direct them like you would any other portrait session! Suggest moving locations or having them sit if it will make them more comfortable. And remember, have fun!



Most people that take shots of their outfits post them on their blog or other image-driven social media sites like Instagram or Pinterest. It’s helpful to state where each item of clothing is from with a link (if applicable) so viewers will be able to quickly find it if they want to check it out. If the exact model isn’t available, finding a similar version is also very helpful.


Now go on out and shoot some style inspiration!


My Outfit

Black Turtleneck Shirt- Mom’s

Light Wash Jeans- TJ Maxx

White Combat Boots- Frye (investments that took awhile to save for but were well worth it considering the quality, versatility, & comfort) | Similar by Dr. Marten’s

Gold Chain Necklace & earrings – Forever 21 (years ago)

Watch- Fossil  (called the Incandesa)

Two-tone Glasses – Bonlook

Red Lips – NYX soft matte lip creme in Monte Carlo


May the light be with you.







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