This niche is closely related to other specialties such as lifestyle & documentary photography, but it differs in a major way. Typically subjects are strangers who you just happen across out and about, not models or clients hired for the job. There are two methods street photographers usually take: conspicuous & covert.   Conspicuous Fearlessness is a must when going this route. Much like asking someone out, the photographer must be prepared for the chance of rejection. A help would be to compliment the person, tell them you’re working on a project, and/or have a business card ready to hand over with your email so they have a way to reach out and ask about the photo (then concurrently, you will have a way to send it to them.) You have a chance to guide this individual and if they’re willing, they can even do different poses for you.   Covert This is the method I go for because talking to strangers is still nerve racking to me. Stealth is a key skill with this route. Blending in with your surroundings, or going to an already bustling area where people are focused on what they’re doing will yield more […]
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