Challenge recap: Tell a Story

Shekinah Shazaam Photography · February 26, 2017 · Blogging, Challenges, Photography · 0 comments


This month my challenge was to tell a story.


A friend of mine, her fiancé, and their dog (who I call Honey Fluff) were able to help me out with this. Ironically, the story turned out to reflect their love for one another, which is so fitting what with Valentine’s Day still on so many people’s minds.


We recently had some incredibly nice weather for this time of year, so we decided to take a walk in the park. I didn’t feel the immediate urge to “GET THE SHOT” like I’ve often felt before. I really felt calm and enjoyed catching up with them and realized I’d get the shot eventually, so I didn’t need to stress about it.


After about an hour or so, we wound up in a small grove out of the way of other people. I sat them down on a log and Honey Fluff sat in between. It’s always a little difficult when shooting pets, but my friend brought treats along, and we were able to distract her with them to get some great images.


This month I didn’t so much learn a technique, but I did gain an even greater appreciation for so many things:


The warmth of the sun.

The ability to walk outside and breathe in fresh air.

The kindness others have.

My ever-growing eye as an artist.

Spending time with friends.

And love, all forms.


Here are a few of my favorites below.






Until next month dear readers.


May the light be with you.








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