Modified 52 Week Photography Challenge

Shekinah Shazaam Photography · January 22, 2017 · Blogging, Challenges, Photography · 0 comments


Sometimes, creative juices dry up and we find ourselves wishing we had projects to work on.


We could mope about in the world, slice off the nearest passerby’s arm, then run and hide in a cave somewhere OR we could throw the mope aside and loudly proclaim, “IT’S CHALLENGE TIME!”


I’m personally going to go with the latter.


Specifically I am drawing inspiration from the 52 week challenge envisioned by Lindsay Adler.

She is an amazing photographer with a very clear vision and has the great ability to teach others. I highly recommend you check her out if you haven’t already heard of her.


Alright enough fangirling, back to the post.


During the time of me trying to define my brand/find my style, I stumbled across her book and was quite curious. With her challenge she had specific techniques or solutions that she wanted the shoot to answer. She planned a different challenge for each week of a year. But, considering I have a full time job and don’t have access to an endless supply of models, I’m going to modify this challenge and make it a monthly one.


A couple years ago, I did do a year-long challenge in which I took a pic every single day with different themes each month, but I got a bit lazy with it and used my phone for the majority. So this time, I wanted something that I wouldn’t get tired of after a while & actually help me produce portfolio ready images.


So I chose my favorite techniques from her book and plan to incorporate 1 or more each month in my thematic shoots. If you are feeling like you want to bring some fun back into your art, try a challenge. I look forward to the photographs this year will bring me, and hope you can join in too!


May the light be with you.








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