Action Custom Strap: my thoughts

Shekinah Shazaam Photography · December 19, 2018 · Blogging, Photography, Reviews · 0 comments


We all may have different types of cameras, but chances are we all use some sort of camera strap. There are those that swear by camera grips, but I like being able to sling my cam over my neck if need be so I haven’t tried a grip yet. I’ve had this strap for about 9 months so I’ve had plenty of time to put it through the ringer. Here are my thoughts on it below.



-soft & comfortable

-easy to remove from camera body



-initial install on camera take a bit more time than a typical strap-

item is made to order, so there is a bit of a wait after buying


I found Action Custom Straps on Esty after looking around for a leather strap to replace my peeling synthetic one. I wanted something that was of high quality and would last me for years and can say I think I’ve found a winner. This strap is so incredibly soft and comfortable on your neck, but also rolls up nicely tucked away in your camera bag. There are easy-to-squeeze clips that allow you to remove the majority of the strap (but still keep the connector bits on.)


They offer different length options as well which is a nice touch. I ordered the shortest, but the medium would have worked better for crossbody style. The parts that connect to the camera body are also made of leather, but are held together with metal screws–meaning putting this on will take a little longer. This is also a small business with products made to order, so don’t expect Amazon-like speeds on receiving what you purchase.


Overall I’m very glad I bought this strap. I especially love the red stitching that adds just a little something. If you are searching for a new camera strap and don’t mind investing in quality, check out Action Custom Straps! They have different color combos of camera straps and also offer other leather goods.


May the light be with you.



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