2018 Photo Challenges

Shekinah Shazaam Photography · January 28, 2018 · Blogging, Challenges, Photography · 0 comments


Another year, another challenge. I’m going to continue to modify Lindsay Adler’s 52 week challenge because there are still prompts in it that intrigue me. With that said, I am making a change though.


Instead of doing random shoots based off of various challenges, I’m going to shoot all of these with the intention of adding them to 1 cohesive series. My hope for the end of the year is to have enough content to feature the work in a gallery for the first time. Just another thing to cross off the bucket list. 🙂


The series title is “Chiaroscuro” which literally means light & dark, but is broadly defined as using light & shadow to define 3 dimensional objects in space. I wanted to focus on other aspects of design such as line, texture, & shape and not rely on color like I do for most of my work.


Though I appreciate the timelessness of pure black & white, I’m not so much a fan of how overused it is. I decided to apply a burgundy color overlay on the images, which gives them a sepia-esque quality that I love even more.


Another tenant of this series is that all of my subjects must be looking away from the camera. The eyes are beyond powerful, they are the windows to the soul after all, but I wanted to try and see if these images could be just as powerful with that bit of mystery thrown in.


It isn’t always easy or even possible to secure a model for my shoots, and I also don’t want to fill this with self-portraits. As such, I will allow myself to do still life’s/landscapes as long as they too have strong lines & composition and communicate the challenge.


I already have a few images compiled from previous shoots, so here’s a sneak peek of those:



Rather than view this as limiting, I’m going to recognize it as focusing on one large goal. That in itself will be the challenge. Here’s to another year of trying new techniques!


May the light be with you.







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