24-105mm lens: my thoughts

Shekinah Shazaam Photography · September 23, 2018 · Blogging, Reviews · 0 comments


One of the 1st L-series lenses that people recommend is the 24-105mm. I originally bought mine to use for filming videos because it’s much faster to re-frame scenes with a zoom lens than switching between prime lenses. I have used it for event shooting as well and here are my thoughts below.



– versatile

– quality images produced



– pricy

– biggest aperture only 4.0mm


Because of the large focal range, you have the ability to capture wide & telephoto with the simple turn of a dial. This is a great lens for when you need speed, so think events, sports, animals etc. The photos you take are sure to be quality as well because of the L attached to its name.


Unfortunately due to the L in the name, this is a more expensive lens to invest in. A beginner may be scared away by the up to $1000 price tag, but find once they have more experience may be interested in purchasing. The biggest downside to this lens is its aperture only goes up to 4.0mm. Not the best for lowlight so expect to use flash or some other exterior light source. This may actually be a benefit when you’re shooting outside in very bright conditions though.


So my final verdict on this lens is mainly positive, but not blown away. I do enjoy the versatility for events, but don’t enjoy having to use high ISO because of the limited light allowed in. If you, like me, have a full frame camera and need a zoom lens, I do recommend because it does come in handy. If you already have a zoom or don’t do events or other faster shoots, you don’t need to add this one to your collection.


May the light be with you.







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